CFP: Call for Proposals for Next WPA Journal Editor or Editorial Team

The Council of Writing Program Administrators is seeking its next Editor or Editorial Team for its official journal, WPA: Writing Program Administration. The Call for Proposals is posted on the WPA website at this URL:


Some colleagues and I have been discussing the increasing presence of writing concentrations/majors in English depts. We're hoping some of you might be able to inform our discussion. We're looking for research and/or information regarding the growth of writing concentrations, majors, and/or writing courses offered in English depts, etc. We're wondering what kind of impact writing concentrations are having on the size and nature of English departments on the whole. For those of you who have implemented more writing courses in your department, what is the nature of those courses? How has the addition of those courses impacted enrollment in the department overall? How has it impacted the writing/lit dynamic in English depts, if at all?
Do you know of any research studies or other resources that roughly address the questions above?

Some of my colleagues and I are thinking about similar matters bearing on undergraduate writing minors. I'd be glad to know what you are finding, about course offerings for instance. Hope to see more (and to be able to share) in this forum. And I'd also be glad to hear from you by email:

Rick Gebhardt
Rhetoric & Writing PhD Program
Bowling Green State University