Program Evaluation Consultant in Communication

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology seeks an assessment consultant to evaluate its undergraduate Communication Requirement. The Communication Requirement focuses on developing both written and oral communication skills at the general level and in the student's major field of study. Students are expected to take four Communication Intensive Subjects (CI) sequenced throughout their undergraduate program. OBJECTIVES OF THE ASSESSMENT The goal of the assessment is to identify strengths of the Communication Requirement as well as methods to increase the effectiveness of both individual CI courses and the requirement as a whole. The assessment will evaluate the program's curricular integration, sustainability, and acceptance by stakeholders. It is expected the assessment will use both quantitative and qualitative methodologies. THE PROPOSAL Proposals (5-7 pages) should provide a summary of proposed services, including deliverables, a description of the period of performance, an estimate of cost, and curriculum vitae for all principal investigators. Proposals should be sent to: The Subcommittee on the Communication Requirement c/o The Office of the Communication Requirement Building 26-149 77 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge, MA 02139-4307 or by e-mail to: DEADLINE FOR PROPOSALS IS OCTOBER 24, 2005. A full description of the RFP may be found at