Saturday at the Conference - WPA, Values, Directions?

Through this WPA conference we've been collecting feedback from attendees about sparks of insight, ideas, and future projects that CWPA might pursue based on what they're hearing, experiencing, and thinking about at the conference. The ideas have been TREMENDOUS -- no surprise from this smart group! So far, here's what has emerged as possible foci for future CWPA initiatives:

  • Mentoring programs
  • WPA Research
  • WPA Publishing
  • Pre-tenure track faculty
  • Community college connections
  • WPA fundraising and budgeting
  • Labor issues
  • NGoW/NCoW
  • Proactive strategies

We'll solicit input and feedback on this through the day -- more may emerge, these may change. Post comments on this blog entry, too! And stay tuned for more from the conference!