CWPA Values and WPA Directions - and CWPA's new Facebook Group!

As part of the WPA Directions initiative that I've written about in previous entries, the WPA Executive Board also took some time at our meeting in Minneapolis to identify what we see as CWPA's values. I'm including those here - if readers have any feedback for the EB, please use the "comment" feature to register it! We'll use these values as an umbrella to focus the ideas that came out of WPA Directions submissions -- and again, more on that soon. (Click "read more" to see these... they're in the full post!)

The Council of Writing Program Administrators (CWPA) believes in writing and writers. 

  • CWPA advocates and helps its members advocate for writers, writing teachers, and effective writing programs.
  • CWPA is expansive, inviting, and inclusive and provides mentoring, research, and resources, especially to those administering programs of writing instruction in post-secondary schools.
  • CWPA is guided by over 2500 years of knowledge, research, and theory on effective communication, writing instruction, and student learning.

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Also: If you're a Facebook user, CWPA now has a Facebook group. Just do a search in the Facebook window and join the group!