National Conversation on Writing - It's Fabulous!!

In some ways, writing is everybody's business. Because of the central place that writing occupies in daily life, people are often very happy to engage in conversation about what should happen in writing classes and why. 

For the last five or so years, the WPA Network for Media Action (WPA-NMA) has tried to provide resources for writing instructors and WPAs to participate in these conversations by providing position statements and resources. The National Conversation on Writing (NCoW) is a new and *very* exciting (!) NMA project that represents an important leap forward with this initiative.

NCoW is a multi-media, multi-modal site that provides WPAs and other literacy educators with materials that can help us all become part of the national effort to demonstrate the importance of writing, and advocate for continued support of literacy education. NCoW includes videos, contributions from students and others, audio clips, and other artifacts. As a site for study or teaching, NCoW's submissions can illustrate this work. Alternatively (or in addition), NCoW invites submissions.

NCoW will regularly feature "Spotlight On," a focus on literacy issues of particular interest to writing instructors. Different artifacts linked to that spotlight will be featured on the site. NCoW also includes a blog for folks to discuss what they think and how they are using NCoW materials, a listserv, and resources to help spread the word about the site and literacy education

WPA members can and should use this amazing resource -- it's there for all of us! We can also help spread the word to others - parents, teachers, students, friends, colleagues. I've said it before, and I'll say it again -- CWPA is all of us. Through efforts like the National Conversation on Writing, we can contribute to -- even change -- stories about writing.