Sharing Ideas, Listening to Others: CWPA On the Road, 2009-2010!

One of the initiatives that came out of this summer’s WPA Directions work has to do with engaging in systematic dialogue with other teachers and administrators about our common interests and shared work. To that end, CWPA members are going on the road!

During this 2009-2010 academic year, CWPA members have proposed/are proposing/will propose sessions at regional conferences around the country. We’re working especially hard to build connections and talk with colleagues who are part of TYCA, (Two Year College English Association), IWCA (International Writing Centers Association), and regional MLA affiliates; also, of course, with our colleagues at WPA affiliate meetings.

In these sessions, presenters will share the CWPA values that we developed at this year’s summer conference, tell attendees about some of the resources available through WPA (such as documents like the WPA Outcomes Statement and “Defining and Avoiding Plagiarism: The WPA Statement on Best Practices”; resources like the WPA-NMA position statements and strategies and NCoW and the WPA Assessment Gallery and Resources; WPA projects like the NSSE collaboration/Consortium for the Study of Writing in College; and the WPA mentoring project.

But this presentation of WPA resources will be relatively brief – most of the time will be devoted to a discussion of the interests that CWPA members and session attendees share. What issues can we identify and address together? How can we pool the most valuable resource we have available – our collective intelligence and shared commitment to student learning – to make a difference together?

WPA is all of us – and working with our colleagues in IWCA, TYCA, regional WPAs, MLA, and others, we can become more than the sum of our parts.