WPA Journal: Topics, Editors, Contact

WPA Journal

WPA: Writing Program Administration publishes articles and essays concerning the organization, administration, practices,and aims of college and university writing programs. Possible topics include

  • Writing Faculty Education, Training and Professional Development
  • Writing Program Creation and Design
  • The Development of Rhetoric and Writing Curricula
  • Writing Assessment within Programmatic Contexts
  • Advocacy and Institutional Critique and Change
  • Writing Programs and Their Extra-Institutional Relationships with Writing’s Publics
  • Technology and the Delivery of Writing Instruction within Programmatic Contexts
  • WPA and Writing Program Histories and Contexts
  • WAC / ECAC / WID and their Intersections with Writing Programs
  • The Theory and Philosophy of Writing Program Administration
  • Issues of Professional Advancement and WPA Work
  • Projects that Enhance WPA Work with Diverse Stakeholders

This list is meant to be suggestive, not exhaustive, but contributions must be appropriate to the interests and concerns of those who administer writing programs. The editors welcome empirical research (quantitative as well as qualitative), historical research, and theoretical, essayistic, or reflective pieces.

The journal is published twice a year: fall/winter and spring.

Editorial Team (2014)

  • Barbara L'Eplattenier and Sherry Rankins-Robertson, editors