Cuppa Coffee Overview

Why CWPA Wants to Pay You to Eat

The Council of Writing Program Administrators (CWPA) believes in writing and writers. 

  • CWPA advocates and helps its members advocate for writers, writing teachers, and effective writing programs.

  • CWPA is commodious, inviting, and inclusive and provides mentoring, research, and resources, especially to those administering programs of writing instruction in post-secondary schools.

  • CWPA is guided by over 2500 years of knowledge, research, and theory on effective communication, writing instruction, and student learning.

As such, we want to bring together more people and build more relationships among people who share these values but who we haven’t been connected to or listening to in the conversation on college writing instruction.

The point of this program is not primarily to build membership or to extol the merits of CWPA. Rather, it is to foster conversations about writing instruction, building community and relationships where those could exist but don’t already.

Ready to have your Cuppa Coffee?

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