CFP: Federation Rhetoric Symposium 2010--Rhetoric 2.0: Continuity and Change from the Oral Tradition to the Digital Age

Call For Papers: Federation Rhetoric Symposium 2010

 Rhetoric 2.0: Continuity and Change

from the Oral Tradition to the Digital Age

Texas Woman's University,

Denton, Texas 

February 12, 2010

Once a thing is put in writing, it rolls about all over the place, falling into the hands of those who have no concern with it just as easily as under the notice of those who comprehend; it has no notion of whom to address or whom to avoid. And when it is ill-treated or abused as illegitimate, it always needs its father to help it, being quite unable to protect or help itself. (Plato, Phaedrus)

The Federation Rhetoric Symposium will provide an opportunity for a diverse group of scholars to investigate how today’s rhetors continue to use the wisdom of Sophistic, Classical, and Medieval rhetors who debated the validity of rhetoric, Renaissance and Modern rhetors who helped this art transition into a fully developed written tradition, and the contemporary debate about the validity of digital rhetoric.

The Federation Rhetoric Symposium is now accepting proposals for papers and panels from faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, and independent scholars investigating the ways rhetoric has and has not changed throughout the centuries and contemplating future continuities and changes. We are broadly defining the theme to emphasize rhetoric in all areas including but not limited to: 

Rhetorical Theory
Rhetorical History
Discourse Analysis
Genre Analysis
Composition Theory
Communication Studies
English Studies
Film Studies
Digital Rhetoric
New Media Studies
Disability, Gender, and Minority Studies
Political Science   

Suggestions for possible areas of interest:

Critical Theory
Academia/Professional Issues
Rhetoric & Philosophy
ESL & Composition
Pop Culture
Rhetoric of Mass Media
Literary Studies
Rhetoric and Technology
Computers and Writing
Basic Writing
Writing Center Theory & Practice
Composition & Rhetoric

Dr. Patricia Bizzell, 2008 Conference on College Composition and Communication Exemplar Award winner and distinguished scholar of rhetoric and public address, will be our keynote speaker at the conference. Dr. Bizzell is a prolific author and notable speaker who has written and presented on topics as diverse as composition theory, feminist research, Jewish rhetoric, the history of rhetoric. She is the founder of The Writer’s Workshop and the WAC program at College of the Holy Cross.

The Federation Rhetoric Symposium is part of an ongoing series, "A Symposium in Rhetoric" that has welcomed many notable speakers since the first meeting in 1973. These keynoters have included Karlyn Kohrs Campbell, Kathleen Blake Yancey, Sonja Foss, Richard Enos, Cynthia Selfe, James Kinneavy, Kenneth Burke, Stephen Toulmin, and many others.

**Deadline for Submission of 250-Word Abstract: December 1, 2009**

Individual and Panel Proposals Welcome

Prizes for outstanding student papers will be awarded!

Electronic Submissions Preferred

For further information, please refer to the conference website:

Email submissions to:


Federation Rhetoric Symposium

Katt Blackwell-Starnes

247 E. Southwest Pkwy

Apt 1708

Lewisville, TX 75067