CWPA’s Gallery and the National Day on Writing – A Chance to Show Our Stuff!

The WPA Gallery in the National Gallery of Writing NEEDS YOU! More specifically, we; need your work!

How often do we say, “We wish we had a chance to tell others about how WE think about writing, instruction, and/or students.” Now’s your chance! The National Gallery of Writing is a great opportunity to publicize to a wide audience how your program enacts the motto of the WPA Gallery: Effective Writing Programs Make for Effective Writers. Read on to learn more about how to submit, and to read more (if you haven’t already) about NCTE’s fantastic National Day on Writing efforts!

CWPA is a national partner in the National Day on Writing and the National Gallery of Writing. This means that we have a FANTASTIC opportunity to share examples of how our theme, Effective Writing Programs Make for Effective Writers, are enacted in writing programs across the country.

You are wondering, perhaps: “What can I do submit?” Consider:

  • a program document or web page illustrating the work of your program
  • a narrative (written or spoken) about what your program does
  • samples of fantastic student work from your program
  • examples of innovative/effective program assessment

The sky is the limit! If you have questions about what to submit, you can e-mail lead curator Doug Downs. If you’d like to submit, click here to go straight to the WPA Gallery.

As a national partner, CWPA will also be featured in video being streamed from NCTE all day on the National Day of Writing, October 20, 2009. Look for excerpts from “Who is a Writer: What Writers Tell Us,” a video produced by the WPA-NMA; an introduction to the CWPA Gallery (we hope); and more.

But the MOST IMPORTANT THING that you can do to contribute to this effort to change stories about writers and writing is to contribute your work – CWPA is all of us, and here’s a chance to show our stuff!