National Day on Writing Local Pages!

Here's the beginning of a list, compiled from posts to wpa-l, of local National Day on Writing web sites, activities, news stories, etc. Add to it by "commenting" on the entry!

Piece in the Denver Post by Doug Hesse



Colorado Governor Ritter's proclamation designating 10/20 as the Colorado Day on Writing



Community Celebration of Writing at the Denver Press Club



University of Denver Writing Program Day of Writing Events


 FSU press release-->


FSU website


DePaul University:

Eastern Michigan University:

Eastern Echo story on NDoW



Following the gallery model, we'll also be collecting writing via the university's new digital repository, TRACE. Also gathering support and sharing info via Facebook


Washington State University.  


Web page related to the events:


News story covered in the campus electronic newsletter:






On the Commerce Week on Writing

Website @

Schedule available at

It's on!




Arizona State University Tempe campus celebrations of the National Day on Writing:

Open House, Write-In, 7-word Memoir Challenge, and Tutorial Demonstrations.  See details at

University of Alabama's Culverhouse College of Commerce site: