National Basic Writing Survey

Dear Colleagues, 

We realize that the fall term is quickly coming to an end, but we hope that you will take a few minutes to fill out a short questionnaire about basic writing at your institution. The current survey is a streamlined version of an earlier one on CompPile. The new survey is available on Survey Monkey and contains only 10 questions. You can access the survey at


Please note that on the last page of the survey, following question 10, there is a form asking whether you would be available to answer any follow-up questions via e-mail or phone. Please be sure to click through to this last page if you would like to be involved in this ongoing research.


The database will provide national information for teachers, researchers, and program administrators about the history, structures, and practices of basic writing in the U.S. Its effectiveness, however, depends on how many surveys are completed.


We urge you to complete the survey to the best of your ability for the basic writing program or courses at your institution by January 15, 2010.  You or a colleague can always update the information. We will be reporting on preliminary survey results at the CBW Workshop on Wednesday, March 17, 2010, at CCCC in Louisville. Please also encourage colleagues at other institutions to participate in this national project.


Thank you.


Deborah Mutnick

Director of Writing & Professor of English

Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus


Rebecca Mlynarczyk

Co-Editor Journal of Basic Writing & Professor of English

Kingsborough Community College & the Graduate Center, CUNY