Cuppa Coffee - Ready for L(a)unch!

Free coffee or lunch? Yes! Read on, CWPA members!

How often have you, CWPA member, said to yourself, “I know there’s another writing instructor/program director/writing center director/writing program down the road [even if the road is 500 miles long, as it is in some spots]. I’d like to get to know her or him, I just haven’t gotten to it…” Well, CWPA has some incentive for you to get to know that person!

The incentive is Cuppa Coffee, a new CWPA initiative. Cuppa Coffee provides CWPA members with cash money – up to $25 – to have coffee, lunch, whatever else with another writing instructor, program director, writing center director, English Department chair, (etc.) in your geographic area. All you need to do is take that person out and submit a brief (150-300 word) description of your Cuppa conversation, a receipt for your consumables, and a request for reimbursement, and voila! A check from CWPA for up to $25 will arrive in your mailbox. It’s that easy!

You might be asking yourself: “Why is CWPA doing this?” One response: Because you, the membership, have told us (the Executive Board) repeatedly that: 1) you value the collegiality of CWPA; 2) you wish that more people knew about CWPA resources and understood that you don’t have to be a “writing program administrator” to belong to or benefit from CWPA; and 3) there’s still a perception that CWPA is composed of “insiders” and “outsiders” – those who are familiar with the organization and its work, and those who aren’t. (You can read more about the rationale here, too!)

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: We are ALL the Council of Writing Program Administrators. That’s each of us – each paying member, each person who has an interest in the work of writing instruction or program direction at the postsecondary level. And given that broad definition, it’s just about everyone in our field of composition and rhetoric instruction. That is to say that CWPA is big, big, BIG tent – and Cuppa is just one initiative that we hope can help others learn about that tent, stand under it, and maybe even hold up a pole.

So – get to know that person down the street, around the block, over the mountain, or in the next town by taking advantage of Cuppa Coffee! To learn more and get the process started, visit the Cuppa site: We’ll be excited to learn how it goes!