iTeach 101 - Video Memoir of a First Year Composition Teacher

It took me good five months to prepare this project and here it is, iTeach 101, delivered just for you! There is a very interesting story that follows the footage that you are about to see. I got a chance to teach a fantastic group of 101 students, and I decided to work on something simultaneously with them. Pestered with my nosy cameras, camcorders, old-school Polaroids, and shock-proof gizmos, my students bit into literacy like nobody's business. You will be able to see their work as well, since one of the requirements was to place a video response to this project, explaining why writing mattered to the student.

I was floored after seeing all the movies shown by my students over our small celebration of the multimedia projects. They put a lot of effort into their work and you should spend some time watching their creations. You will be thrilled, I can guarantee that! Even though all the projects turned out great, I strongly recommend "The Color of Purple" by Shelia, "Fashion Literacy" by Kazayra, "Foreigners in America" by Rosaura, Bill's project on the history of writing, as well as the study of Vietnamese Schools by Trang. I can go on like this forever, but you should see for yourself - all you have to do is view the video responses on YouTube, right under iTeach101.

Again, I am really glad that I got to teach such a smart and creative group. I bet that they all agree with me now that Yancey was right: "Historically, like today, we compose on the available materials. Whether those materials are rocks or computer screens, composing is a material as well as social practice: composing is situated within and informed by specific kinds of materials as well as by its location in community."

Feel free to let me know what you think about the project, either on YouTube or via email ( Any questions more than welcome. Cheers!