CWPA (Network) Breakfast at CCCC - A New Twist on an Old Favorite

Perhaps, as the semester winds down, you are already thinking about next term, about spring, about CCCC and the WPA breakfast at CCCC. This year’s event, which is open for registration, brings a new twist. As part of CWPA’s efforts to facilitate connections and conversation, we’re introducing themed tables at the breakfast. "What themes," you ask? You tell us! Click here to access the very short survey to let us know what you’d like to talk about at the Breakfast.

But wait! There’s more! Each table at the breakfast will be hosted by a WPAmbassador, a chatty and zesty morning person who will help to start the conversation and the morning – heck, the whole CCCC conference! – off right for breakfast eaters. This way, diners new to the breakfast and those who have been coming for years will have robust opportunities for making some great connections as the conference kicks off.

“Why,” you might be asking yourself, “is CWPA making these changes to the breakfast?” The answer is easy: We’ve heard from people, especially through things like the mentoring survey directed by Sheldon Walcher, that some breakfast attendees (especially those who are new to the event) would appreciate more opportunity for mixing and mingling with others at the breakfast, and that folks wanted more time to talk to one another.

Like Cuppa Coffee, we hope that this new approach to the CWPA Network Breakfast will help new members find ways into CWPA, and seasoned members strengthen existing connections and make new ones. There’s strength in our numbers, and wisdom in our experiences – so we want to make room for as many and as much as we can get!