CWPA 2010 - Let us help with your new year's resolutions!

It’s the new year and the new term, a time when some take the opportunity to make and act on resolutions. It might be, in fact, that CWPA can help with some of our members’ resolutions with some fabulous opportunities. Maybe you’ve decided to:

Meet a writing instructor, program director, writing center director, or other writing professional near-ish who you’ve been meaning to chat with, but haven’t yet done.

We’ll pay! Yes! CWPA members can take advantage of Cuppa Coffee, the program designed to facilitate contact and kibitzing. Click the link!

Learn more about CWPA’s resources on assessment, changing conversations about writing, and more.

This requires movement only of your fingers! Check out the CWPA Assessment Gallery and Resources, the National Conversation on Writing, and the WPA Network for Media Action – and they’ll take you to other fine resources!

Have breakfast with your fellow CWPA members and prospective members at CCCC!

What better way to open the CCCC conference than with the CWPA Network Breakfast? This year’s event features conversation-focused tables hosted by WPAmbassadors – come and eat! 

Attend the CWPA conference, have fun, and meet lots of (potentially new) people!

Plan to for fabulous conversations at the CWPA annual conference (July 15-18, Philadelphia, PA). Yes! The call for proposals will be out soon – but mark your calendar and plan for action!

Attend the first ever January MLA!

CWPA has just posted the call for proposals for two sessions at the 2011 MLA conference in Los Angeles – propose a paper!

Watch this space for more CWPA opportunities – and of course, if you have resolutions connected to postsecondary writing instruction or program development that you don’t see here, let us know that as well.

Since all of us are CWPA, we wish ourselves a collective happy new year!