CFP for collection "Teaching Writing in a Globalized World": due Jan. 15, 2006

CFP: The editors of a new collection, "Teaching Writing in a Globalized World: Remapping Composition Studies," are seeking proposals for original articles that explore the implications of globalization on the teaching of writing.

Globalization is, of course, a contested term: it has been cast by some as the positive spread of Western capitalism coupled with a US version of democracy, by others as a destructive stage of late capitalism replete with exploitations of non-industrialized countries' peoples and resources.

Globalization is also often regarded as a process of homogenization of cultures and identities vis-à-vis mass productions and consumptions of goods worldwide, as the construction of a "global village" thanks to new information technologies and new forms of mobility, and as a process of postmodern hybridization and the breaking down of former nation-state epistemologies. Despite such variance, however, one thing about globalization is undeniable: we are all saturated in it, and we must acknowledge and adapt to it in our pedagogical practices. We therefore encourage authors to develop working definitions of globalization (or facets thereof) as they explore potential and actual ways in which the teaching of writing either should be or is being refigured in response.

We welcome articles that engage both theory and practice, but we also welcome purely theoretical examinations that can serve as foundations for praxis. Although we are seeking articles that ultimately address pedagogy, they can touch upon any key area of compositionists' work-be it in research, teaching, service, and/or administration. Proposals should be 500 words in length and should clearly articulate the article's focus, form, and style. Deadline for submissions is January 15, 2006. Send as an email attachment to Daphne Desser ( and Darin Payne (, Editors, Department of English, University of Hawai'i.