CWPA and CCCC 2010 - Breakfast and CWPA's CCCC session!

CCCC 2010 is just around the corner, and a great opportunity for CWPA and Cs members to reconnect with one another. I hope that reader(s) are excited about the CWPA Network Breakfast (7am Thursday, 3/18 at the Seelbach Hotel - more on this in a moment)! Also be sure to attend CWPA's featured session (I.31, 12:30-1:45 on Friday, 3/19), "Disturbing and Developing the Council of Writing Program Administrators: What Might We Become?", which features engaging and dynamic presentations by Shirley Rose and Jonikka Charlton (speaking about their research on WPAs); Duane Roen and Joe Janangelo (on mentoring and WPAs); Jeff Klausman (on WPA work at 2-year colleges); and Sheldon Walcher (on new directions in program administration). We'll also have a booth in the exhibit hall with goodies and lots of great conversation -- please stop by and say hello!

As those who have responded to the CWPA Network Breakfast survey know, this year's WPA breakfast is going to be a bit different. Because attendees (of the breakfast, and of last summer's CWPA conference) have so many interests, we've designated table topics for this year's breakfast. Each table will have at least one WPAmbassador, a facilitator who will keep conversation zipping along among those at the tables. Watch this space! We'll post table topics and moderators in the next couple of days, and will also distribute these at the breakfast, where the WPAmbassadors will be there to seat diners, as well. We hope that everyone enjoys this new approach to the Breakfast. We look forward to seeing everyone in Louisville, and to hearing about your CCCC experience!