Program Features for Composition Forum

Composition Forum invites submissions to the Program Profile section of the journal. These profiles should describe the ways in which theories and pedagogies shape individual writing programs. Composition Forum considers writing programs in its most inclusive definition, including first-year composition programs, writing-across-the-discipline and/or writing-in-the discipline programs, graduate programs in rhetoric and composition, and undergraduate major or certificate programs in writing.

Program Profiles are generally 2,000 to 4,000 words, although longer or shorter profiles may be considered. Program Profiles are to include a general description of the program, the theory informing the program, a mechanical description of the program, and an institutional and/or budgetary detail of restraints guiding (or controlling) the program's growth and development. In addition, please include a section that addresses the question: "If I knew then what I know now, I would have done X differently." Or, "if I could reinvent this program from scratch, I would do X." Or, "what I've learned from my directorship of this program is X." Such exploratory comments will serve to inspire, to warn, and to educate present and future program administrators. Send queries to Michelle Ballif, Program Profile Editor, at