CWPA's Upcoming Conference (and the upcoming proposal deadline!)

The proposal deadline for the 2011 conference ( is coming up. If you're thinking about submitting something, now's the time! The 2011 conference is shaping up to be *fantastic*. Already accepted are a number of incredibly engaging, fun, and lively sessions We've got at least two sessions (and maybe three) that will involve creative work, from creating artifacts representing people on campus to writing creative (non)-fiction about instances we encounter in our work lives. We've got sessions that will have you jumping and moving -- and, of course, talking! The theme of the 2011 conference is "Conversations Toward Action," and there will be a lot of action going on.

Be sure to check out and, if possible, take advantage of the opportunities before the conference, too. The WPA workshop, which begins July 11, will be hosted by Carol Rutz and Irwin (Bud) Weiser, two of the smartest people around. At a recent conference presentation, a former workshop attendee described the experience as "transformative," a word that had people nodding their heads. It's not to be forgotten. And on July 15 attendees can choose from one of three fabulous institutes. Information on all can be found on the conference site:

The WPA conference comes at an important time for our organization and our profession, of course. The tight budgets that many (most? all?) of us are experiencing on our campuses are leading to new realities. Things probably aren't going to be "as they were before." As a consumate maker of lemonade (remember the lemons-lemonade aphorism...), it's in part up to us to understand the challenges that we might face in our institutions and programs and make what we can from them. Our hope is that WPA 2010 will provide an opportunity for all of us to think together, and in the most creative and supportive ways we can, about the issues that we face. The more of us who are there, the more creative we can be as we pool our resources. We hope you can join us!