Popular Culture's Place in the English Composition Classroom: An Academic Exchange Quarterly Special Section

Often, the discussion regarding the use of popular culture in the classroom focuses on content-area courses. There are, however, myriad ways in which pop culture can be used to enhance students’ critical thinking and writing abilities within the structure of English composition courses. This issue of AEQ seeks submissions that discuss both the theoretical and practical uses of popular culture in the composition classroom, as well as ways in which pop culture can be integrated into composition assignment design.

Who can submit:
Teachers, theorists and researchers interested in exploring the use of popular culture in the English composition classroom are encouraged to submit. Papers may discuss case studies, examine hands-on experiences of using pop culture in a composition course, explore the practical applications of using pop culture in lectures and assignment designs, or other aspects of the topic. Submissions should focus on the use of popular culture in composition courses only, not in content-area courses. Please identify your submission with keyword: CULTURE-10

Deadline for submissions: May 15, 2011
See details online for other deadline options like early, regular and short.
Early submission offers an opportunity to be considered for Editors’ Choice.

Submission Procedure:

Please e-mail Dr. Wendy Galgan at wgalgan@stfranciscollege.edu.