CWPA Bylaws -important upcoming vote about a change

As our organization and its activities continue to grow, the CWPA leadership has realized that we need to make some changes in the legal status of the Council of Writing Program Administrators. To continue this process, CWPA membership must approval the formation of a new organization (Council of Writing Program Administrators, Inc.), and new CWPA bylaws. Please click "read more" to continue reading and see the document attached to this message.

Currently, we are a tax-exempt organization, a structure that enabled us to apply for and receive tax exempt status in the 1970s. Rather than continue to grow in this loose category of "organization," CWPA must become a non-profit corporation. This legal status is more clearly defined and provides protection for the organization and its members in clearer ways than our current status does. To this end, CWPA hired an attorney with the firm of Butzel Long PLC last July to work on the non-profit incorporation transition.

Incorporation does require certain formalities in how we do business, but our attorneys have done what makes sense to fit our processes into the new bylaws. However, there are some technicalities to which we must attend. The new "Bylaws" will replace our current "Constitution." We will be able to prepare new "Procedures" that replace our current "Bylaws." Then, we will transfer everything from the old organization (CWPA) to the new one (CWPA, Inc.)

To begin this process:

1. Beginning today and until December 3, 2010, CWPA members can review this document and send any questions to CWPA President Linda Adler-Kassner at

2. On December 3, 2010 CWPA Secretary Keith Rhodes will distribute, via email, voting tokens to all CWPA members. If your membership is current at the time that voting tokens are distributed and you do not receive a voting token,
contact CWPA Secretary Keith Rhodes at You also should check your spam folder -- campus e-mail systems have been known to send them to spam folders.

Votes must be cast by December 17 ; once the votes are tallied, I will notify the membership of the result.

Linda Adler-Kassner CWPA President