Dartmouth Summer Seminar for Composition Research: "Got Data--Now What?"

Introduction: Dartmouth College’s Institute for Writing and Rhetoric, in collaboration with the Council of Writing Program Administrators, announces its first annual two-week Research Summer Seminar, July 31-August 12, 2011.

Purpose and Focus: The program is designed to support members of our field who would like to engage in different kinds of research but have not had the opportunity to develop their expertise in understanding, choosing, and using particular research methods, effecting quantitative and qualitative analysis, carrying out critical analysis with (and of) statistics and statistical software, and preparing for publication of research. Research is broadly—and provisionally—defined here as systematic or replicable inquiry in response to a research question that can generate interpretable data, inquiry grounded in previous research, designed to extend existing knowledge, and, through scholarly publication or other public contribution, to be extended itself. This inaugural year’s focus will be “Got Data—Now What?” Future seminar themes will include longitudinal/student writing development, action research, ethnographic research, archival research, and institutional research.

Program leaders: Charles Bazerman, Chris Anson, Cheryl Geisler, Les Perelman (additional national leaders will be announced as we determine project-specific issues).

For the detailed announcement and application, due December 15th, go to: