The Framework for Success in Postsecondary Writing Needs Your Resources and Ideas!

"College readiness" is a widely used term these days, especially in association with credit-bearing, college level writing courses. But until now, there has been no widespread articulation by high school and college faculty about what college readiness means. The Framework for Success in Postsecondary Writing provides this definition.

The Framework, developed collaboratively by members of CWPA, NCTE, and the National Writing Project, outlines the 21st century rhetorical skills and habits of mind that are critical for students entering credit-bearing, college level writing courses. The Framework was reviewed by hundreds of high school and 2- and 4-year college writing instructors nationwide.

The Framework's publication represents an important first step in contributing to the discussion about college readiness -- but now, we need you! We know, from feedback we've received, that people are clamoring for assignments that model the principles in the Framework. Click here to read more about how to contribute your work.

Additionally, with the publication of the Framework, the WPA Network for Media Action will develop materials that can help CWPA members (and others) use the Framework in discussions with faculty, staff, administrators, parents, students, and others on our campuses. If you have suggestions for material that can help you do this, please let us know by leaving suggestions as a "comment" on this post. Here, as always, CWPA is all of us, and we need your ideas to make this resource a success!