The Publication of the WPA 2010 Conference Proceedings

It's only fitting that as we prepare for this year's CWPA Conference in Baton Rouge, that we look back to the previous year with the publication of the WPA 2010 Conference Proceedings. I thank Charlie Lowe for all his diligent work on the project.

To access the WPA 2010 Conference Proceedings, you'll need to login to the CWPA website (current membership required) and then visit this URL:

For those that don't (yet) have a CWPA membership, and in order to provide a preview of what's to come this year, CWPA offers a preview of the conference proceedings (no login required) with E. Shelley Reid's contribution, "Solving Writing Problems: Reframing What Writing Teachers Know and Do":

Shelley will continue the conversation on writing as problem solving in session F4 of this year's conference (see the WPA 2011 Conference Program