CALL FOR PROPOSALS: WPA at MLA, December, 2006, Philadelphia, PA

The WPA Executive Board and the committee on WPA at MLA (Dominic Delli Carpini, Eli Goldblatt, and Rebecca Moore Howard) invite proposals for 2 panels to be held at the December, 2006 convention of the Modern Language Association in Philadelphia, PA.

Panel 1: "Moving Toward Inclusion: Thirty Years of the Council of Writing Program Administrators." We are seeking proposals for a panel that examines retrospectively the first thirty years of the Council of Writing Program Administrators, especially as it pertains to diversity within, or the diversification of, the organization. Possible topics include but are not limited to examinations of: the size and mission of participating schools; WPA’s achievements and challenges toward achieving race, class, and gender equity in the organization; internationalization; WPA work toward enacting resolutions like students’ Rights to their Own Language and other statements on preserving difference; WPA work and social equity; the organization’s role as advocate for diversity in our institutions and the wider public sphere. The panel would welcome a variety of approaches to this issue, including personal or historical narratives told along its fault lines.

Panel 2: “Challenges of the Future: Foregrounding Diversity in the WPA Palette." We are seeking proposals for a panel discussing issues facing twenty-first-century writing program administrators, especially as those issues pertain to diversity in the writing curriculum, its teachers, or its students. We would welcome a variety of approaches to this topic, including but not limited to explorations of: language diversity; diversity in race, class, gender, and sexuality; internationalization; renewing the struggle for equalities; writing programs and social class; the digital divide; institutional differences in approaches to diversity; preserving local cultures and language; placement, assessment, and gatekeeping as related to diversity; standardized testing; learning styles; the role of the WPA as advocate for diversity in our institutions and communities; and issues related to standardized English.

Proposals should be no longer than 250 words and must be received NO LATER THAN MARCH 13. Proposals should be sent via email attachment (formatted in MS WORD) to Dominic Delli Carpini at