WPA-GO Call for Graduate Committee Nominations

WPA-GO Call for Graduate Committee Nominations

In July 2013 the WPA-GO Graduate Committee (GC) will say goodbye to current members Laurie A. Pinkert and Timothy R. Dougherty; therefore, we invite nominations for two new Graduate Committee members. WPA-GO especially encourages nominations of those who will bring diverse perspectives to this committee.

Responsibilities: GC members oversee WPA-GO events and activities, create policies and procedures for its management, and engage in special projects and initiatives. The new GC members will begin their terms in July 2013 and will serve for up to a total of three years or until July of the year the member graduates from his or her program. GC Members must be able and willing to attend GC meetings at the annual CCCC conference and at the CWPA summer conference during their term of service.

Qualifications: Nominees should be current graduate students with a demonstrated interest in and commitment to writing program administration as it relates to writing centers, WAC, first year composition, professional writing, cultural rhetorics, second language writing, digital humanities, or other specialties. All nominators and nominees must be current members of the Council of Writing Program Administrators and WPA-GO. For membership information or other information, please go to http://wpacouncil.org/wpa-go.

Nomination Process: To submit a nomination, please send the following to wpago1@gmail.com by November 12, 2012 with the subject line “Graduate Committee Elections”:

1) The nominee’s name, institution, phone number, and email

2) The nominee’s anticipated graduation date

3) The nominee’s CV (attached or available at a Web site)

4) A statement regarding the nominee’s interest in WPA work as well as an explanation of why the nominee makes a strong candidate for the WPA-GO Graduate Committee

Self-nominations as well as nominations of others are welcomed. If you nominate someone else, please secure a nominee's permission before submitting the nomination. When submitting a nomination, you may use the nomination form provided or compose your own. Nominations are reviewed by the WPA-GO Elections Committee, which develops a slate of candidates for the ballot.

Contact: If you have questions, please contact WPA-GO Elections Committee Co-Chairs, Tim Dougherty (tdougher[at]syr[dot]edu) or Laurie A. Pinkert (lapinker[at]purdue[dot]edu).

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