CFP: Exploring Diversity in Community-Based Writing and Literacy Programs

Reflections invites submissions of previously unpublished manuscripts exploring diversity in community-based writing and literacy programs that engage traditionally marginalized populations. Possible topics may include, but are not limited to:

• In what ways can critical theories of race, gender, and/or language inform service-learning scholarship?

• How are service-learning or community literacy initiatives in second and foreign language writing programs similar to, and distinct from, those with native speakers? For example, what kinds of community partners are typically working with diverse student populations? What value do community members see in working with diverse learners as service providers?

• What course and program models exist that promote understandings of diversity by, for example, exploring cultural contact zones and concepts of the “Other,” challenging common cultural stereotypes of linguistic and cultural minorities, and/or encouraging critical reflection on identity norms of gender, class, ethnicity, sexuality, religious and/or political affiliations?

• Do students evince any significant changes in identity or agency as they write for, about and with the community? What assignments have been most successful in moving students from awareness to advocacy on issues such as language policy and planning, Native American language preservation, or heritage language education?

• What “Best Practices” have emerged from International Service-Learning, Intercultural Communication, Multicultural Education, and/or Women’s and Gender Studies?

Reflections publishes a lively collection of essays, empirical studies, interviews and reviews in a format that brings together emerging scholars and leaders in the fields of community-based writing, literacy and civic engagement. We welcome articles that discuss the theoretical, political, and ethical implications of community-based writing; empirical studies are particularly encouraged.

Queries and a one-page abstract from prospective authors should be sent to guest editor Adrian Wurr ( by May 15, 2006. Complete manuscripts (10-25 pages in MLA format) of accepted proposals will be due July 15, 2006.

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