2006 WPA Summer Workshop, Conference, and Institutes

Dear Members of the Council of Writing Program Administrators,

It will soon be time to finalize your plans for participating in the 2006 WPA Summer Workshop, Institutes, and Conference, July 9-16 in Chattanooga.

The Workshop this year will be led by Lauren Fitzgerald (Yeshiva University) and Greg Glau (Arizona State University), and will be held at the Holiday Inn Choo Choo in Chattanooga, Tennessee from Sunday evening, July 9 through Wednesday evening, July 12. For more information, checkout the workshop page on the WPA website: http://wpacouncil.org/2006-workshop.

The Assessment Institute will focus on “Electronic Portfolios, Writing Classrooms, and College Programs: Practices, Theories, Issues, and Challenges,” led by Elizabeth Clark (La Guardia Community College), Michael Day (Northern Illinois University), and Kathleen Blake Yancey (Florida State University), and will be held on the University of Tennessee Chattanooga campus on Thursday, July 13. For more information, go to http://wpacouncil.org/2006-assessment-inst

The Technology Institute will address “Multi-media/mixed-media Composing in Writing Programs,” led by Darsie Bowden and Peter Vandenberg (both of DePaul University), and will be held on the University of Tennessee Chattanooga campus on Thursday, July 13. For more information, go to http://wpacouncil.org/2006-tech-inst

The Conference will begin late Thursday afternoon, July 16, and continue through Sunday morning, July 19, and will be held at the Chattanooga Choo Choo Convention Center. Addressing our theme “Keeping on Track: Looking Back, Looking Forward, and Looking Out for New Opportunities” will be our plenary speakers Jacqueline Jones Royster, Chris Anson, and Pamela Childers. In addition to panels on WPA research and issues of concern, special features of the program include
--Sessions on making connections between secondary and post-secondary writing teaching and research
--Content development sessions for WPA’s Network for Media Action, CompFAQs, and the WPA website
--Professional development workshops on administrative portfolios and other topics of interest
--Poster presentations on writing program innovations
--SIGs for graduate student and untenured WPAs
--Exhibits of scholarship and teaching materials
--Premier screening of the film "WPA: Past, Present, and Future"
For more information, go to http://wpacouncil.org/2006Conference

Program invitations are going out this week (April 3-7). Registration for the workshop, institutes, and conference can be completed online at http://wpacouncil.org/2006register

Looking forward to seeing you all in Chattanooga!

Shirley Rose, President
Council of Writing Program Administrators

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