Promotion Issues and Appropriate Degrees

This is a request for information regarding the issue of promotion and appropriate degrees. Although the policy may vary by institution, I am wondering if other institutions have promoted (as in rank) people who direct a writing program who do not have English degrees but have appropriate related degrees. In our case at La Sierra University (small, comprehensive Christian institution in CA), we have a person directing our Basic English, particularly writing, program who has been told she cannot be promoted beyond the rank of instructor since she holds 1) only an MA, and 2) her MA is an MA in Education (from Claremont)and not in English. She has support in the department for being promoted, has done a fantastic job as WPA of Basic English, and become more active in scholarly presentations. My task has been to solicit opinions and examples from others in schools that might provide insight on the topic. Thank you for any help you can give. Susan