WPA-GO 2013 Graduate Committee Election

In July 2013, the WPA-Graduate Student Organization (WPA-GO) Graduate Committee will say goodbye to current members Tim Dougherty, Laurie A. Pinkert, and Patti Poblete; therefore, in order to maintain the 7-person GC as outlined in the WPA-GO Bylaws, we will elect three new GC members this year.

Per our new voting guidelines, only CURRENT GRADUATE STUDENTS who are members of CWPA and/or WPA-GO (via the e-mail list) are eligible to vote. Each eligible member should vote only once via the link that was sent via e-mail. If you are a graduate student member, but did not receive your link to vote, please e-mail wpago1@gmail.com. Voting will begin on April 24, 2013 and will take place for two weeks. Results will be announced by mid-May.

Although voting is limited to graduate students, we welcome everyone to read candidates statements and bios at : http://wpacouncil.org/wpa-go-election-2013.

A core priority for this year’s election committee was to create a ballot that privileged intellectual and institutional diversity, while also ensuring a modicum of gender balance in the new committee members. These candidates not only fulfill that vision, but also add to the geographical diversity of the WPA-GO GC committee. What’s more, the following candidates all expressed strong vision for the work of WPA-GO and have prior commitments with similar organizations or initiatives that demonstrate their ability to lead and collaborate. With such distinguished potential new colleagues, the future of WPA-GO is indeed quite bright!

The GC oversees WPA-GO, its events, and its activities; creates policies and procedures for its management; and engages in special projects and initiatives. The new GC members will serve for up to a total of three years or until July 30th of the year the member graduates from his or her graduate program, with terms beginning in July 2013.

Members of the Elections Committee include: Brent Chappelow, Tim Dougherty, Laurie A. Pinkert, David Riche, and Lara Smith-Sitton. If you have any questions, please contact one of Elections Co-Chairs Laurie A. Pinkert (lapinker@purdue.edu) or Tim Dougherty (tdougher@syr.edu).