WPA-GO Call for Graduate Committee Nominations

In July 2014 the WPA-GO Graduate Committee (GC) will say goodbye to current members Jessica Nastal, Kathryn Trauth Taylor, Carolyn Wisniewski, & Courtney Adams Wooten; therefore, we invite nominations for four new Graduate Committee members.

Responsibilities: GC members uphold WPA-GO’s mission of working with CWPA to provide mentoring & professional development, funding, & networking opportunities to graduate students while prioritizing demographic, topical, & institutional diversity within the organization & field of WPA at large. New GC members will begin their terms at the July 2014 CWPA Conference & serve for up to three years or until the CWPA Conference of the year the member graduates from his or her program. GC members perform the following responsibilities:

  • chair or co-chair at least one subcommittee, soliciting members & setting/executing the annual agenda;
  • attend biannual GC meetings at CCCC & CWPA Conference;
  • promote WPA-GO at home institution, conferences, & online.

For more info on who we are and what we do (our bylaws, most recent newsletter, etc.), go to http://wpacouncil.org/wpa-go.

Qualifications: Nominees must be:

  • current graduate students with a demonstrated interest in & commitment to writing program administration as it relates to writing centers, WAC/WID, FYC, technical &/or professional writing, second-language writing, basic writing, cultural rhetorics, new media, writing assessment, or other specialties;
  • current members of the CWPA & WPA-GO. (This qualification also applies to nominators.) For membership or other information, go to http://wpacouncil.org/wpa-go.

Nomination Process: Complete & submit the attached Graduate Committee Nomination Form to wpago1@gmail.com by Monday, November 25, 2013 with the subject line “Graduate Committee Elections.” Self-nominations as well as nominations of others are welcomed. If you nominate someone else, secure that nominee's permission before submitting the nomination.

Selection Process: Nominations are reviewed by the WPA-GO Elections Committee, which selects candidates for the ballot according to the needs of the GC as defined as follows:

  • strengths related to GC responsibilities;
  • length of service so as to foster continuity within the GC;
  • diversification of the GC—demographic, topical, institutional (see the WPA-GO Diversity Task Force Report for further details on how WPA-GO defines & prioritizes diversity)

Note: Nominating vs. being nominated (e.g. the identity/status of the nominator) has no bearing on the Election Committee’s selection process.

Contact: If you have questions, contact WPA-GO Elections Committee Co-Chairs, Brian Hendrickson (bhendric@unm.edu) or Jessica Nastal (jlnastal@uwm.edu).