Call-Out for 2014 CWPA Roundtable Participants in Three WPA-GO Sponsored Mentoring Sessions

The WPA Graduate Organization’s (WPA-GO) Mentoring and Professional Development Committee is searching for colleagues, graduate students, and faculty mentors to participate in three roundtable mentoring sessions at the 2014 CWPA Conference. WPA-GO sponsors professional development sessions that support the preparedness and confidence of graduate students interested in WPA work. This year’s roundtable topics are described below.

Important note: Please know that an individual can participate in no more than two sessions, in any capacity, at this year’s CWPA conference.

Please email Christina LaVecchia ( by February 3rd if you would like participate. Include in your email a short (approx. 50-100 word) description of the experiences, advice, or ideas you would like to share at the roundtable, and indicate the roundtable number in the subject line. After confirming participants, we will proceed with session submissions and plans.

Graduate students at last year’s CWPA Conference requested these particular topics, so we are confident that the sessions will attract a strong audience of participants. Please share this announcement widely.

Thank you,

Christina LaVecchia
Katie Trauth Taylor

Roundtable 1: Creating WPA Identities: From Grad School to Post-Tenure
We are seeking roundtable participants to discuss building identities as WPAs—early in grad school, on the job market, in early tenure, and post-tenure—and how those identities shape WPA work. How are WPA identities built? What do those roles look like? How do they impact our careers?

Participants might speak to any of the following questions:
• How do you mentor graduate students toward building a WPA identity?
• How do job candidates present themselves as WPAs on the job market? What are the benefits and challenges of pursuing administrative roles before or after tenure?
• What role does a WPA play on a university-level after settling into his/her job?
• What role can a WPA play in his/her surrounding community?

Roundtable 2: From Presentation to Publication
We are seeking writers and researchers who have successfully revised a conference presentation into an article for publication, with the following goals:
A. To help demystify the publishing process by sharing experiences, revision strategies, and research designs, and
B. To facilitate a break-out session where panel attendees can interact with panel facilitators and talk about research projects they hope to publish.

Roundtable 3: Job Market Negotiations
We seek roundtable participants to discuss their experiences on either side of the job negotiation table. Roundtable participants can share information, experiences, and strategies for successfully negotiating job offers, including what to ask for, how and when to ask for it, and what to expect. We would like to hear from job candidates and search committee chairs alike.