CFParticipation: WPAs @ Two-Year Colleges

WPAs @ Two-Year Colleges

  • Are there WPAs at two-year institutions?
  • What does Writing Program Administration “look like” at two-year colleges?
  • How is being a WPA at a two-year institution similar and/or different from four-year institutions?
  • What has been published about WPAs at two-year intuitions?
  • How can we better connect and support two-year college WPAs?

Come join our conversation about Writing Program Administrators at Two-Year Colleges. This conversation will be a part of this year’s WPA conference, Keeping on Track: Looking Back, Looking Forward, Looking Out for New Opportunities, in Chattanooga TN. To engage in dialogue about WPAs @ Two-Year Colleges our panel proposed both an online asynchronous portion as well as a synchronous portion (both face-to-face and online). If you are interested in discussion questions like those above, please join us.

We will be holding the online asynchronous discussion Monday August 10 through Friday August 14, 2006. The discussion forum is located at:

The synchronous discussion will take place Saturday August 15, 10:15-11:30 am (EST). The chat room is located at:

Please forward this message to those who might be interested in participating.

Panel Organizers:

  • Shelley Rodrigo, Mesa Community College
  • Jeffery Andelora, Mesa Community College
  • Susan K. Miller-Cochran, North Carolina State University
  • Jonelle Moore, Mesa Community College