Jacqueline Jones Royster Conference Plenary Discussion

At the 2006 WPA Conference in Chatanooga, in keeping with the conference themes, our three plenary speakers presented us with perspectives on the past of the organization, and provided us with an overview of some possible oppportunities to look out for in the future. In the first plenary, Jacqueline Jones Royster asked us to consider the "lessons hopefully learned" over the course of the organization's 30 year history. I hope that those of you who were present for this plenary address will continue the discussions we began at the conference by adding to this forum your recollections and notes from the breakout groups, as well as your further thoughts about the issues raised in this plenary. I also hope that others, whether able to attend the conference or not, might help us to continue (and to archive) our discussion on the topics raised by Jacqueline's address.


In the course of her inspiring talk, Jackie articulated several lessons, each having a particularly pithy wording in addition to an elaboration and discussion.

One of the lessons was "Speak the truth."

I pulled out my notepad and got several of the lessons written down, but today I can't find my notes in the mountain of paper I brought home from the conference.

If you remember Jackie's wording of any of the other lessons, or are better at keeping track of notes you took, please post them here.

Shirley K Rose
Purdue University
Council of Writing Program Administrators

Shirley, I was also very interested in the lessons that Jackie gave us during the talk. During most of the other sessions I attended, I had my laptop out, and took as many notes as I could, but on Thursday evening, I was wiped out from having helped with the Assessment Institute all day, so I failed to write these down. I would be grateful if anyone else in attendance could post their notes here.


Michael Day