Pamela Childers' Plenary Address Discussions

At the 2006 WPA Conference in Chatanooga, in keeping with the conference themes, our three plenary speakers presented us with perspectives on the past of the organization, and provided us with an overview of some possible oppportunities to look out for in the future. In the third plenary, Pamela Childers outlined the reasons for extended collaboration between secondary and college writing teacher and administrators, and gave us many examples of how those collaborations might be sustained. I hope that those of you who were present for this plenary address will continue the discussions we began at the conference by adding to this forum your recollections and notes from the breakout groups, as well as your further thoughts about the issues raised in this plenary. I also hope that others, whether able to attend the conference or not, might help us to continue (and to archive) our discussion on the topics raised by Pamela's address.