CWPA Conference in Normal a Great Success!

Thanks to all of you who attended the CWPA Conference at Illinois State University from July 17-20. It was a fabulous conference: the local committee, led by Joyce Walker, made it one of the most comfortable and welcoming conferences we've had in a while, and the plenary speakers--Doug Hesse, Melissa Ianetta, and Duane Roen-- stimulated lively discussion, as did the paper and panel presenters. Thanks, too, to our workshop leaders, Chuck Paine and Linda Adler-Kassner; and our institute leaders, Bob Broad, Diane Kelly-Riley, Beth Boquet, and Neal Lerner. In other news, the Executive Board approved the most recent iteration of the 2014 Outcomes Statement, which we're currently working to publicize.

For those who are wondering: I will remain president until July 1, 2015, at which time vice-president Susan Miller-Cochran will take the reins of the organization. Susan, along with local chair Heidi Rowland Estrem, is currently planning next year's conference in Boise, and it promises to be excellent (#idahowpa)! Stay tuned for more on the conference here. I'm also going to resume the writing of an annual (or biannual, if I get really ambitious) newsletter to keep the membership up to date on all the other great things happening in the organization. And there are many!

Rita Malenczyk