Thank You to Miami University, Institutional Home 1987-2006

Miami University of Ohio served as the Institutional Home of the Council of Writing Program Administrators for two decades.

At the Town Hall Meeting on Sunday morning at the close of the 2006 WPA Summer Conference in Chattanooga, we presented a plaque with the inscription below to John Heyda, retiring CWPA Treasurer: "Presented to the Department of English at the Miami University of Ohio by the Council of Writing Program Administrators as a token of our gratitude for their generous and unstinted support as the first WPA Institutional Home, from 1987 to 2006, and in recognition of the trustworthy and reliable service of their faculty members who have served as our Secretary and Treasurer, whose names are listed below

  • Donald Daiker, Secretary-Treasurer 1987-1989
  • Jeffrey Sommers, Secretary-Treasurer 1990-1996
  • Robert Johnson, Secretary-Treasurer 1997-1998
  • Jennie Dautermann, Secretary 1999-2005
  • John Heyda, Treasurer 1999-2006
  • John Tassoni, Secretary pro tem July 2005- June 2006 July 17, 2006

WPA members and friends who have benefited from the work of these collegaues over the past twenty years are invited to post comments.


WPA owes a great debt of gratitude to Miami University of Ohio and its wonderful faculty Don Daiker, Jeff Sommers, Robert Johnson, Jennie Dautermann, John Heyda, and John Tassoni for their tremendous support of our organization.

Thank you for your great service and wonderful work.

Joe Janangelo
Loyola university Chicago

For most of the WPA's existence, Miami University of Ohio has been the organization's institutional home. That role required large amounts of time and energy not usually visible to our membership. With so much of our lives now digitized, it's also hard for us to remember when almost everything organizational had to be done by hand: by hard copy, by U.S. mail, by deposit slips and checks and physical visits to the bank, by handwritten minutes transcribed into typewritten text, by the need for a continuously staffed phone line, by filing cabinets and faxes, by boxes of journals and letters with motions and nominations, by the maintenance of shelves of archives, by entire conferences coordinated through snail mail. It's with deep appreciation that we thank Miami University, its English Department, its faculty both on the Oxford and Middletown campuses, and the many graduate and undergraduate students and staff members who helped to keep the WPA alive and growing for all these years.

Chris Anson

As a relative newcomer to WPA--my first conference was in 1997--and a newly-elected member of the Executive Board, I don't remember a time when "Miami of Ohio" and "WPA" weren't nearly synonymous. Thanks to everyone at Miami for helping provide a strong foundation for those of us who came along later.

Rita Malenczyk