CWPA Graduate Student Travel Grants

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The WPA-GO is proud to support innovative and exciting graduate student scholarship and participation at academic conferences.

The CCCC 2016 Houston travel grants were awarded at the CWPA Reception on Wednesday, April 6, 2016. Thank you to the Travel Grants Committee (chaired by Mary McCall) for their hard work in the selection process, and thanks also to the CWPA for their sponsorship!

Excellence Award ($200): Aubrey Schiavone 

“Locating the ‘Learner’ in Learning Transfer: (How) Does Identity Facilitate or Impede Transfer Between Academic and Non-Academic Domains?”

Merit Award ($100): Elizabeth Leahy

"Local Histories and Multilingual Student Engagement: A Trans-Hemispheric Approach"

Merit Award ($100): Eric James Stephens

[ATTW Panel Presentation] “Advocating for the Inexperienced: Teaching Social Justice and Citizenship with Limited Time, Resources, and Experience” 

Inclusiveness Award ($100): Sarah Snyder 

"Rethinking Teaching and Learning Practices for Diverse Populations in the University: A Roundtable on Taking Pedagogical & Administration Action"

The CWPA 2015 Boise travel grant and research/writing group grant recipients were honored at the CWPA Awards Banquet on Friday, July 17, 2015. Thank you to the CWPA and Bedford/St. Martin's for their sponsorship!

  • Excellence Award: Gracemarie Mike, Purdue University
  • Inclusiveness Award: Matthew Gomes, Michigan State University
  • Merit Awards:
    • Zachary Beare, University of Nebraska
    • Melody Gustafson, Kent State University
    • Kat Lambrecht, University of Nevada--Reno
    • Erin Workman; Florida State University

Our CCCC 2015 Tampa travel grant recipients were announced at the CWPA Breakfast on Thursday, March 19, 2015. Thank you to Bedford/St. Martin's and Cengage for their sponsorship!

  • Excellence Award: Ruth Osorio
  • Inclusiveness Award: Jamila M. Kareem
  • Merit Awards:
    • Norma A. Aceves
    • Dan Kenzie
    • Jessica M. Philbrook


Past Graduate Student Travel Grant Recipients

2014 CCCC (sponsored by CWPA and Bedford/St. Martin's)

Erin M. Andersen
Natalia Ávila
Dan Bommarito
Ella R. Browning
Brent D. Chappelow
Emily Simnitt


2013 CWPA (sponsored by CWPA and Bedford/St. Martin's)

Dan Bommarito
Christine Garcia
Andrew Luchessi
Mary McCall
Jessica Nastal
Ryan Shepherd
Carolyn Wisniewski
Shane Wood
Dominique Zino


2013 CCCC (sponsored by CWPA and Bedford/St. Martin's)

Meaghan Brewer
Chris Friend
Jason Luther
Ryan Shepherd
Meghan Sweeney


2012 CWPA (sponsored by CWPA)

Kacie M. Kiser
Charlyne Sarmiento
Meghan Sweeney
Mary Tripp
Courtney Adams Wooten


2012 CCCC (sponsored by Bedford/St. Martin's)

Brent Chappelow
Jennifer Forsthoefel
Ashley J. Holmes
Elizabeth Leahy
Ryan Roderick
Courtney Stanton
Caroline Wilkinson


2011 CWPA (sponsored by CWPA and Bedford/St. Martin's)

Nancy Benson
Elizabeth Chilbert
Gabriel Cutrufello
Jennifer Dorsey
Benjamin Miller
Courtney Stanton
Lara Smith
Crystal VanKooten
Julia Voss


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