Director of University Studies, Portland State University

Position Announcement:
Director of University Studies at Portland State University


Portland State University is seeking an inspirational leader to be the Director of University Studies, Portland State’s general education program.  Building on the success of University Studies in multidisciplinary general education, the Director will establish a clear vision for the program’s future; promote pedagogical excellence; and strengthen collaborative relationships across academic disciplines. She/He is responsible for all aspects of implementation, personnel, quality and continuous improvement, faculty development and recruitment, coordination with units on campus and other institutions, budget, fundraising and communication. The successful candidate will have demonstrated imagination and skill in teaching general education and executive acumen in leading academic teams. A terminal degree in an academic field is required. An exceptional candidate will be eligible for a tenured position conditional upon meeting the tenure process and standards for the appropriate academic department, school/college, and the university. If this option is offered to the final candidate, it will be included in the terms of their employment contract. This position closes February 15, 2015. For more information on this opportunity, please visit