If you have questions about the WPA C-E Service...


If you have been considering requesting a visit to your writing program by a team from the WPA Consultant-Evaluator Service and would like to know about the process for arranging for a visit or have questions about any other aspect of our work, I encourage you to call or email me for more information. Some information is also available on the CWPA website at http://wpacouncil.org/consultant

I will be at the CCCC in Tampa in March and would be happy to meet there with any colleagues who have questions about good timing for a visit or about how to clarify goals for a visit or any other questions related to the work of the C-E Service. Email or call me to arrange for a time for us to meet.

For some institutions, this is the time of year when budgets for the upcoming fiscal year are being developed in detail at the department level, so it may be a good time to request funding for a WPA C-E visit to your writing program. 

This is also the season for job searches and hiring. If your department will be hiring a new WPA, his or her first or second year on the job can be a very good time for a consultation from the WPA C-E Service, so consider that in your hiring negotiations.

Looking forward to seeing you at the WPA Breakfast in Tampa.