WPA 24.1-2 (Fall/Winter 2000)

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A Letter from the Editors
Marguerite Helmers and Dennis Lynch

Rhetorical Agency: Seeing the Ethics of It All
Carmer Werder

Constructing Composition: Reproduction and WPA Agency in Textbook Publishing
Libby Miles

More Than Meets the Eye: Teaching Portfolios as Sites of Institutional and Disciplinary Inquiry
Camille Newton and Ellen Schendel


Suzanne Bordelon
Michelle Hall Kells and Valerie Balester, eds, Attending to the Margins: Writing, Researching, and Teaching on the Front Lines
Susan Gardner and Toby Fulwiler, eds. The Journal Book: For Teachers of At-Risk College Writers

Lisa J. McClure
Stephen M. North, et al. Refiguring the Ph.D. in English Studies: Writing, Doctoral Education, and the Fusion-Based Curriculum

Peter Sands
Sibylle Gruber, ed. Weaving a Virtual Web: Practical Approaches to New Information Technology

Announcements and Calls for Papers


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