Potential WAC Director position at UVA

The University of Virginia will embark this fall on a 5-yr Quality Enhancement Program devoted to writing instruction, and part of the plan is to hire a WAC Director (our first) next year. The QEP faculty committee has insisted that the WAC Director should be a tenure-track (or, ideally, tenured) hire, but the Provost wants assurance that we'd get applicants who are serious scholars in the field before granting a tenure line. (He may not recognize the degree to which Rhetoric & Composition has a long record of serious scholarship.)

In any case, I said that I'd explore the waters and see what kind of response I got. So: Would any of you consider, or do you know others who'd consider, applying for a tenured or tenure-track WAC Director position at UVA next year? Charlottesville is a great place to live, and UVA is finally making a substantial commitment to writing.