who would've thought Tempe in July would be cool?

I'm not the type to blog, but I'm all signed up for the research institute and the conference (haven't even heard back yet on the fate of our panel proposal) and I just can't contain myself -- I'm hella amped at the thought of Tempe in July.

This was unanticipated.

But I couldn't hate the idea of 110 degrees for long. I mean, the research institute looks excellent -- this was such a good idea coming out of last year's conf (and you rock, Shirley + exec board, for making it happen) and it comes at a great time for me at my own institution. The conference -- well, what can you say about the conference that hasn't been said? (Or filmed.) Excellent people doing their thing, my annual injection of (in)sanity to sustain another trip 'round the sun made of mad-WPA days.

One dilemma that's really not: I'm driving down (a 9-hour drive -- in the west, 9 hours is barely worth getting in the car for, and what is there to say besides ROAD TRIP!) and it'd be ideal to bring the Jeep for some famous AZ off-roading. But of course the more environmentally responsible (and, not coincidentally, economical) route would be to tool on down in the Civic hybrid. (650 miles, one 13 gal. tank, you do the math.) Definitely the better city car, too, so I can pick up chicks (you know who you are :-).

I do have an offer, for any of the perhaps 3 people reading this: I've booked a non-smoking at the Palms w/ double beds, and it'd be nice to share costs with a roommate. My snoring is only moderate and at this conference I'm usually only in the room from about 1 - 6:30 a.m., so said roomie wouldn't have to put up with me too much. E-mail me at downsdo@uvsc.edu if you're interested in sharing.

Hard to believe it's only 3 months away, but that's still a long time to wait. (Maybe I should get myself checked -- it's not normal or safe to be this excited about a conference.) Thanks so much to CWPA and the local arrangements committee for lining up what looks like another excellent WPA experience.


Hey, Doug--you'll be hearing about the fate of your proposal in the next couple of days. A really great program is starting to take shape.

Shirley K Rose
Purdue University
Council of Writing Program Administrators

Well, it's a relief to hear that someone else is as excited as I am about this conference. I'm not one to blog, either, but hey, apparently we need a support group. I think I'm remembering the Tucson conference of 1998: 120 degrees in the shade, and I decided to go for the workshop that year (some others who were there: Carol Rutz, Phyllis Dallas, Jon Olson, Peter Mortensen, Clyde Moneyhun, Marlene Miner, and of course our fearless leaders Sheryl Fontaine and Doug Hesse). Theresa Enos and her crew put together terrific breakfasts, lunches, and a banquet featuring steaks as big as our heads. (Overheard at lunch: "Didn't we just finish eating?") It was a wonderful time. And, you know, they do summer right out there in Arizona! If it's going to be hot, it should be *hot* (and, of course, dry, though I also liked the vague dampness of Delaware). There will, after all, be swimming pools, air conditioning, and presumably some of the margaritas I couldn't drink in 1998 because I was pregnant. Bring it on.

Rita Malenczyk