CFP WPA Journal Issue on Empirical Research--Due Sept 15, 2007

On behalf of the WPA journal editors, I am posting this CFP for the Fall 2008 issue.
--Shirley Rose 

Call for submissions:

Fall 2008 issue

WPA: Writing Program Administration

Journal of the Council of Writing Program Administrators

The new editorial team of the WPA journal is seeking submissions for its fall/winter 2008 volume that respond to Chris Anson’s—and others’—recent call at WPA for more data-driven, empirically-based research. As Anson and others have indicated, only through data-driven documentation can we appeal to administrators and other funders and decision-makers in order to demonstrate “value” as they see it in terms of “dollars and cents” to our respective institutions.

Toward this end, we are soliciting articles that not only justify our areas of study but which also directly identify how much writing contributes to tuition dollars not just initially (first-year programming) but also over the typical four- or five-year enrollment of the average undergraduate student. In other words, success in writing correlates—if not directly relates—to increased retention. In this sense, most successful retention efforts focus on writing skills as both abilities that demonstrate learning while also serving as methods for understanding—i.e., writing as cognition. Ultimately, writing also is the most demanded skill in the workplace, and because of this, we wish to discuss the ways in which contemporary writing programming is lending itself towards successful job placement and other work force-related objectives. While we as editors understand that this discussion of value, of skill building, of writing as a "means to an end" in the public, economic arena is not as typical of discussions of writing program administration as is more narrative inquiry/analysis, we feel compelled to support more empirical articles for this issue. The current economic climate and its relationship with budgeting in higher education demands that we address how much writing program administration impacts overall profitability.

Articles of 3000 words or less are preferred. Please format manuscripts according to the latest MLA guidelines and submit to: Deirdre Pettipiece, William Macauley, Timothy Ray at . Deadline for submissions: September 15, 2007.