MKC Book--Submission Date Clarification

The call for papers included down below has been in quite a few journals over the past several months, so you may well have heard about this edited collection centering on Stephen North’s The Making of Knowledge in Composition. What prompts this note is that some editors needed to publish the CFP fairly late in the spring semester with a “by-May” submission date that has concerned some prospective authors and led to emails about whether submissions can come in by the end of May. Perhaps you know someone who is interested in this publishing project. If so could you pass on the word that proposals are welcome for the next couple weeks?

And here is some additional information to augment the CFP below: We envision a book of about sixteen chapters, each of which uses an analysis of or reflection on the MKC as a way to make arguments that are primarily oriented toward claims about composition's present and, especially, future. Chapters will be in the range 20-30 manuscript pages (5,000-7,500 words) including works-cited lists (and end notes, if there are any), though we are open to shorter or possibly slightly longer projects. Each chapter in the book we imagine will have a sharp focus (perhaps, for example, on an aspect of MKC, how it relates to the development of the field since 1987, how MKC or developments related to it speak to the future of the field).

We invite proposals for essays for a collection that draws on the upcoming 25th anniversary of Stephen North’s The Making of Knowledge in Composition (MKC) as an occasion to assess the discipline of composition and its future. Because MKC remains one of composition’s monumental works, we invite retrospective accounts (rhetorical and critical analyses, reception histories, reflective narratives, and other scholarly treatments) of North’s unreservedly sweeping, undoubtedly important, and undeniably controversial book.
Rather than being merely retrospective, this collection seeks works that critically re-assess such things as MKC’s influence/impact, rhetoric, aims, and values--with an eye toward using such re-assessments to comment on the present and future of composition studies. Attach 500 word proposals to the editors, Lance Massey ( and Richard Gebhardt (