Call for papers: Writing the Earth: Rhetorics and Literacies of Sustainability

Call for Proposals
for a collection

Writing the Earth: Rhetorics and Literacies of Sustainability
Peter N. Goggin, editor

English studies is decades behind other disciplines in recognizing the
importance of considering our research and teaching in light of local
and global environmental exigencies. There is still a pervasive, if
unacknowledged, belief that much of our work ought to focus on the triad
of race/class/gender, whereas "environment" remains a category awkwardly
associated with largely "white," middle-class values and geographies,
and thus confined to the perimeters of our conversations.

--Derek Owens

Essay proposals are invited for a collection titled Writing the Earth:
Rhetorics and Literacies of Sustainability. This collection invites
scholars of literacy and rhetoric (in English studies and elsewhere) to
pick up the gauntlet that Owens has thrown down before us and answer the
challenge to put sustainability at the forefront of research and
teaching in the humanities.

Although "sustainability" is generally understood as examining,
reassessing, and changing current practices, policies and human
endeavors to reduce the potential for harm to future generations, the
concept has been constructed in multiple ways by many invested and
interested parties to serve multiple agendas and purposes. The range and
possibility for topics in this collection is therefore wide open, as
long as they address sustainability through lenses of literacy and/or
rhetorical theory. Therefore, topics might include, but are certainly
not limited to: rhetorics of sustainability; rhetorics of sustainable
development; environmental rhetoric; ecocriticism and ecocomposition;
literacies of sustainability; discourses of sustainability;
technology/media and sustainability; teaching writing and
sustainability, and rhetorical places and spaces of sustainability. The
focus may look broadly at a topic from a conceptual/theoretical
perspective, or narrowly and pragmatically at a specific case.

Please send your 250-500-word proposal and a CV as electronic
attachments in MSWord format to Peter Goggin ( by
September 30, 2007

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