International Writing Across the Curriculum Conference

Wednesday, May 28 through
Saturday, May 31, 2008
The University of Texas at Austin

The very nature of WAC scholarship has led practitioners across disciplinary, educational and geographic borders where we have learned as much as we have given: How has translating our work for those outside our field helped us reconceptualize WAC’s mission, theories, pedagogy? How has our presence in an institution, school system or country effected a cross-translation, a hybrid, an evolution of each? How does our movement across disciplinary and geographical spaces translate into effective pedagogies that prepare future generations—and how do we know they are effective?

Though not excluding other possibilities, this year’s conference will focus on how working with other disciplines and their media has influenced our theories of composing and communicating; how communicating across local (e.g. K-16), national and international borders is changing our definitions of writing as well as our teaching and collaborative practices; how we translate what we do so that students, academic staff, administration, and those outside our institutions support the scholarship and curricular reform we promote.

Read the Call for Papers at for more details. Proposal deadline is Friday, September 28, 2007.