2007 Assessment Institute Blog and other info for participants

I'm pleased to pass along this message from the Asessment Institute leaders.--Shirley

Dear WPA Assessment Institute Participants, 

We (your facilitators) look forward to working with you next week! To maximize our day together, we thought it would be helpful to do a bit of reading before the institute takes place.  So we've started a blog on Wordpress (http://wpaassessment.wordpress.com) to enable us to connect. 

In the earliest post on this blog, you'll see our introductions of ourselves; we hope you'll add your own introduction as well.  In the next post, you'll find some examples of electronic portfolios to browse, as well as an introductory chapter on electronic portfolios.  (This is not required work -- just an effort to provide everyone with some grounding.) 

Please note that the room in which we will meet does not have computers or a wireless connection. So if you have a laptop, you might want to bring it and load these pages/documents onto your hard drive if you wish to access them yourself during the institute. (These examples and others will, however, be projected on a screen.) 

In addition to the blog, we'll have hard copies of many of the documents for you to reference during the institute, so it's not necessary to bring a laptop. The blog can remain a resource to you after the institute and conference; we'll talk during the institute about how we might want to continue using it. We hope you'll take a bit of time to visit it before Thursday, look over the materials, and introduce yourselves to us and your fellow participants. 

We look forward to seeing you in Tempe! 


Darren, Margaret and Michael