Writing Program Director at Capella University

Writing Program Director -- Faculty Director

The Faculty Director in the Writing Program is a member of the Academic Support Leadership team, whose role includes administration and oversight of a graduate-level writing curriculum, the University’s writing centers, and the University’s initiatives in writing across the curriculum/faculty development. This position is directly accountable to the Director of Academic Support while building and maintaining strong relationships with the academic and business units of the institution. The Faculty Director of the Writing Program will advocate for the Writing Program and will work in collaboration with academic administration, schools, and other academic and support services to build and deliver the various operations of the Writing Program with attention to the services, instruction, and systems that support learner academic success by enhancing their writing abilities.

The competitive candidate will have experience working in and managing composition programs and/or writing across the curriculum (WAC) or writing in the disciplines (WID) programs. This candidate will be able to navigate systems and structures in higher education, work collaboratively with a wide range of academic and non-academic individuals and groups across the institution, and be passionate about providing writing resources and services to learners as well as faculty.

The Faculty Director will be headquartered at Capella University in Minneapolis.


Planning, evaluating and implementing curriculum;

Recruiting, hiring, training and mentoring faculty;

Contributing to the university’s efforts toward retaining faculty and learners;

Resolving learner issues and complaints;

Establishing metrics and analyzing appropriate data for program evaluation;

Overseeing budgetary expenses within Writing Program;

Participating in university-wide committees; and

Contributing to scholarship in the professional field.

Traveling to colloquia around the country.

In addition, the Faculty Director will oversee the work of the Writing Center Coordinator, who manages Capella’s Writing Centers as well as the Writing Program’s work at colloquia.


Essential Skills

Leadership and mentoring of faculty and staff.

Strong analytical, communication and problem solving skills and the ability to work with all levels of management.

Strong presentation and instructional skills.


Knowledge of academic writing at all degree levels and across the disciplines.

Knowledge of the educational needs of adult learners.

Significant academic administrative experience in a relevant educational setting;

Development of systems or programs (especially composition and WAC or WID) from the ground level up.


Doctoral degree preferred; Master’s degree required. ABDs encouraged to apply.

Please send resumes to:

E-mail: Resumes.PB@capella.edu

Human Resources Recruiter,

Capella Education Company,

225 South 6th Street, 9th floor,

Minneapolis, MN 55402-3389




Hi Leslie,

I'm in the process of developing a formalized writing program at Trinity International University's Florida Regional Center. The entire curriculum is accelerated and we just just begun accepting students with >15 - 0 credits. Courses typically run about 5 weeks and include <15 hours of reading/writing per week. Most courses seem to conclude with a 15-20 page applied learning/research paper. I am hoping to connect with other WPAs who are charged with the support of non-traditional and/or accelerated programs. I have a lot of questions.